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Primary: May 18, 2021

General: November 2, 2021

"Nothing is accomplished in a vacuum. Building positive relationships with our borough administration, council members, the police department, business, and nonprofit groups has led to a tremendous amount of progress in the past four years. The collaborative, transparent and inclusive team that we have in Conshohocken ensures results for residents. I humbly ask for four more years as mayor to continue this important work." -Yaniv


Practical, data-based solutions for safety improvements on borough roads. In the last few years we have seen the installation of new traffic lights and pedestrian crossings along Fayette, made the W6th stop sign permanent and added road-narrowing painting along its 300 and 400 blocks, saw complete renovations of all river trail road crossings through the borough, and the planning of new, lighted pedestrian road mast arms along Fayette at 4th and 7th Avenues in 2021 for increased pedestrian safety

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